CNC Turning

Our team has many years of experience in mechanic metal treatment, particularly CNC. We offer a wide range of CNC turning for smaller and bigger series of products. Our competencies cover most of the materials used in today’s metal industry.

Customer satisfaction is ensured by the exceptional quality of our products. We specialize in high precision small and micro machine parts – we can turn bores as small as 1mm.



Technical information:
-max. turning diameter: 386 mm
-max. work piece length with a tailstock (can be machined): 515 mm
-max. chuck size: 152 mm
-max spindle motor speed: 8,000 rpm
-max. bar capacity diameter: 52 mm
-drive power rating (100% DC): 15 kW (AC)
-max. bar capacity diameter: 52 mm

REALMECA RM3-7 is a high-precision 7-axis turning – milling turning CNC center.
It is designed for the manufacture of small, high-precision products up to a diameter of up to 16mm. Allows complete processing of the product; turning on the main and auxiliary spindles, radial, axial and drilling at any angles on both spindles, side milling, milling at any angle on both spindles, threading …

Technical information:
– gib X1 580mm
– gib X2 585mm
– gib Y 140mm
– movement Z 285mm
– B axis +/- 110000 x 0.001 °
– A1 and A2 axis 360000 x 0.001 °
– HSC milling spindle 50,000 rpm
– spindle power 2,5kW
– HSK E 25 mounting
– speed of 1 and 2 spindles: from 50-6000 rpm
– spindle power 1 and 2: 3.7 kW
number of tools:
– tool change time: 2.5 s or 5s

The SLC-153 SMC CNC lathe represents a new generation of very stable and compact machines. The machine enables the most demanding turning and milling. It is a complete multi-axis turning center with driven tools on the revolver head. The positioning of the C axis on the main and auxiliary spindles can be performed in steps of 0.001 degrees.

Technical information:
– diameter above the bed mm 680
– diameter above the guides mm 455
– distance between spindles mm 630
– max. turning diameter mm 430
– standard D turning mm 170
– max. turning length mm 350
– max. D rod mat. mm 45
– length of the X axis mm 230
– length Z axis mm 520
– length of B axis mm 430
– obm. rpm 1st spindle 1 / min 50-5000
– obm. rpm 2nd spindle 1 / min 50-5000
– no. positions on the revolver head 12
– tool change time sec 0.2
– fast movement X mm / min 18000
– fast movement Z mm / min 24000
– fast movement B mm / min 24000
– manual feed mm / min 0-1260

We use the EMCO 120P CNC lathe for small series and smaller – less demanding products.

Technical information:
– Spacing between tips: 236 mm
– Max. Φ rotation over the placenta: Φ180 mm
– Max. Φ Rotation via guides: Φ75 mm
– Max. Φ turning (with cavalry): Φ75 mm
– X-axis travel: 55 mm
– Z-axis travel: 172 mm
– Spindle hole: Φ20.5 mm
– Max. Clamping head diameter: Φ85 mm
– Spindle speed: 150-4000 min-1
– Motor power: 1.9 kW
– No. tool stations: 8